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1.Chopper- "Chopper City" is another name for the AK-47 assault rifle". What B.G. Meant there is A Chopper is an AK-47 assault rifle.
2. Chopper- Someone who plays the game raw and Chops.
I told my Patna pass the choppa whatch me quiet this shit.
by Emetic March 14, 2005
adj. causing great harm, or death, or something else real bad.
DAMN that was a pernicious fart.
by Emetic August 28, 2003
adj. dilapidated; filthy; squalid.
(alt. scodie, scody, skodie)
No ho that skody's lickin' my dicken.
by Emetic August 28, 2003
Some medical style shit that makes you vomit.
Emetic's robot body has lasers and stuff. because it's from the future. This cheese is an emetic. cheese.
by Emetic August 25, 2003
v. to excrete faeces via the anus;
to shit.
So while this boy racer was poppin' his nizzle ho in da backseat at the mall carpark, I ninjaed over and defaecated in the passenger window. Ownzd.
by Emetic August 28, 2003
Adj. State of being: very very drunk. Used in southern Louisiana and Florida predominatly.
Let's get go gospel.
by Emetic September 24, 2006
1. "Fuck It" Used in southern Louisiana to symbolize a drug using/ gang banging lifestyle.
I'm FI all the motha f*ckin time"
by Emetic March 06, 2005
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