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OCC (obsessive clicking compulsion)
an obsessive beheivior in which someone repeatidly clicks their pen in and out, observed in nervous, or ainxous people or by extremely bord people. Most often by people in a boring classroom.
*in a quiet classroom where everyone is listening to the teacher talk*
"DUDE. can you tell your neighbor to stop being so OCC?!"
"hey kid! are you OCC? can you like stop clicking your pen?"
"oh sorry. sure."
by graciegirrrrl June 12, 2011
Orange County Choppers.
OCC is bomb.
by Goosei April 12, 2004
Obsessive Compulsive Cock disorder.
"Hey Brit what's up?"
"Just going to my boyfriends!"
"Oh wanna hangout later? How long are you gunna be?"
"Idk maybe like 10, 20, 30 minutes depends on how lond he lasts!"
by Jing Jong Jang October 13, 2010
Outsiders Community Club: An elite organization founded by intelligent, sexy & popular Outsiders; formed to promote the high quality of an inviting, relaxing and growing community.
The OCC can usually be located within several popular message boards throughout the Internet.
Ex. IGN Vestibule
"The OCC is where everyone wants to be; even Insiders!!"

"I'm down with OCC, yeah u know me!!"
by extreme2003 July 15, 2004
Onondaga Community College
1. A SUNY school in New York State
2. Many of the students graduated from CNS
3. OCC is da shit
1. You're not cool unless you go to OCC
2. You down with OCC, ya you know me
3. Where the players get their education
4. Harvard on the hill
by Jim January 07, 2004
Old Crusty Cock
My grandfather has an OCC.
by bboccmuncher December 01, 2009
original compton crip
an old school crip out of compton is an occ
by nwk666 March 22, 2007

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