Briefly popular in the early-to-mid 1990's, mostly in inner-city circles & the hip hop community:

When someone says or does something stupid/wrong, a friend will point it out by yelling "CHOP!" while imitating a karate chop to that person's neck.

(1993)Snucka #1: Yo, I'ma get me a Lexus convertible!

Snucka #2: Lexus doesn't make a convertible, "CHOP"! (proceed to karate chop #1's neck)
by DrueDown September 25, 2007
Someone who is bad at golf or anything else. Used as an insult.
you're a chop
by Matt Foge May 18, 2011
verb - to down or quickly consume one or more alcoholic beverages
"chop that pint!"
by rf chop August 01, 2010
chop: to redicoul someone. to trash talk someone.
usually used in the d.c. maryland area
i was goin chop tiara up today in class.

we choped kevin up on the bus.

sarah is always choping someone up.
by Stella-Ann Boone October 24, 2008
chops is a name given to the most hoodrat guy around he does hoodrat things with his hoodrat friends. To be a "chops" you must have natural swagger and serious hoodrat street status. "Chops" is never a self-proclaimed nick name, it is choosen by hoodrat peers and friends. To be "Chops" its simple you have to be a straight up G.
Latarian milton is not your average seven year old few his age have driven an automobile up and down several busy streets. When asked why he stole his "gran-mama's" car he replied "i wanted to do Hood Rat stuff for my friends" Latarian is a "Chops"
by CHOPS. the legend October 28, 2011
to smoke weed : derived from the process where one chops up buds or nuggets weed usuing scissors to a smokeable portion in order for the weed to be smoked.
adam: you keen for a chop ?

Matt: yes..yes i am

adam: well lets go somewhere and chop up
by mattcool89 July 27, 2010
A person who has many dumb moments. They often do or say something that is wrong.
"He's such a chop!"
by Mel217 February 01, 2009

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