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A man with an extremely large penis(12 inches)
He is very confident and walks with a limp.
Look at that confident man with a limp.
Definitely an Emil
by Horatio Nigasaki February 23, 2008
A poking device used in Yugoslavian terriroties back in the 1400's.
"Poketh me not with thee emil, Ishmail!"
by Hrand Kerry October 07, 2005
A person in former Yugoslavia and Bosnia with a large penis. For this reason he is extremely confident and walks with a limp. You can hear him walking from halfway across the room.
Susan: Look at that man with the limp.
Bailee: So confident.
Susan: Yep hes an emil
by Horatio Nigasaki February 23, 2008
Emil's er guys, who are extremely wonderful and funny.
I really like that guy
- He must be an Emil
by MihelleDelle November 29, 2011
An abbreviation standing for: extreme maximum intensity level. It is used to describe something that i exceptionally extreme, awesome, or unbelievable; it is usually used on things that have gained an exceptional position as having the most intense levels of these attributes. Emil is commonly used with ttm.
Those chocolate drenched, deep fried, marshmallow covered, tacos were freaking emil.

That was seriously emil ttm.

When that guy crushed that golf ball just by holding it, EMIL...
by A.T.A.P. February 26, 2009
A guy who blows 8 grand on a night at a strip club with two Eastern European strippers, and still goes home alone. A man with a blind ignorance to his enormous powers over the fairer sex.
I did an Emil last night and woke up this morning with an empty bank account and a vague recollection of learning rudimentary Russian.
by The brak daddy March 13, 2015
Emil is short for East Milton.
East Milton is the place to be if you are looking for a good drunken time! Parties CONSTENTLY.
99.9% of Emil is irish, and all the families there most likely started in southie or dorchester.
Many kids from East Milton smoke pot and drink like there's NO tomorrow. Its a way of life style for these East Milton kids. They like to graffiti thier streets wit "EM" or "EMIL" standing for East Milton.
East Milton is hated very much by the Quasians
girl: heyyy where are you from?
boy: Emil.
girl: yummm let me suckk yourr dickkk! I love East Milton boyss!
by irshMoflow November 09, 2011
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