British slang for Cocaine
"Who's sorting out the chop then?"
by I-am-wolf September 29, 2004
to receive oral pleasure from a female
I got that girl to chop me up last night
by RELL October 26, 2003
The main component in crown rack of lamb.
I had the best lamb chops at Bozart's in Brisbane.
by harry flashman July 25, 2003
Meaning to Stop, End It, Dont Do It Again, Cease.
Girl 1: Yeah whats good for tonight? that party?

Girl 2: Chop. That party is dumb.
by LXupt December 23, 2008
People in sales use it like this:

n. a stamp, such as a "Received on" date stamp, seal, or other official stamp;

v. to stamp.
Chop and submit the PO for fulfillment.
by brianwc August 16, 2007
Dirty South Slang, Houston Texas, crossfade precisely and accurately between 2 specifically synchronized channels causing the 'chop' in 'chop and screw', not 'sliced and slowed' whoever invented term that is not from texas and is an ignorant novice to Dirty South Hip Hop. Creator DJ Screw made famous by DJ Mike '5000' Watts, DJ O G Ron C
...finnih give it to you shawty, u gon' feel it in ya body everytime Ron and Michael Watts chop a spot, aint forgot about true DJ screw, cuz if it wasnt for screw, wouldnt be nothin to do, no clamin' red no clamin blue, woulnt be nothin to bang while im bangin you... -chamillionaire
by bigreyzday January 10, 2006
chopping = using machette to attack people

method used to kill people long time ago in chinas during the dynastys
those guys r chopping every1
by aha November 20, 2003

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