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13 definitions by kepy seema

A big fat hairy cock. Or a seish kebab!
pass the chutney before my todger goes cold!
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
580 92
dirty, scumy, mampy, prawn sandwhich eating cock suckers. Bunch of ass holes!
All the mother bitches at old stratford are Mancs!
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
204 146
The kinda of chap, who sticks his fingure up his chocolate starfish whilst he spanks his monkey.
Oi Dalj .... you Puntha
by kepy seema September 19, 2003
9 3
kerwid is the Eastern European pronunciation for quid.
Au five kerwid five kerwid, Jimmy you kunth I keel you. Buush bush, au I had 2 chicks last night!!
by kepy seema September 24, 2003
1 0
A person who hangs around 2 dollor whores and peep shows in Amsterdam waiting for some freebe action jackson.
Usually carries tissues wears jogging bottoms!
Collin you fucking pee pee walla, gis a tissue?
by kepy seema September 23, 2003
4 4
The mop bucket in an Amsterdam peep show.
you fucking pee pee mop bucked sucker!
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
7 7
A strang breed, thought to be the hybrid offspring of humans and ganja. Can go for many days without a change of clothing. Content and harmless as long as a helthy supply of skunk is maintained.
Cheej slept in the penthouse again the bleedin yeti.
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
11 13