Slang term for steal,rob,/when you take something thats not your belonging,or without ones permission.
'dude dont chop my jacket'
'my jacket got chopped'
by seebstein March 10, 2013
When teams are picked for a pickup game of basketball, football, hockey, baseball etc but are deemed unfair
"them teams are chops, yo"

90s phrase..
by Bossable Hossman July 11, 2011
a name for a tightly rolled blunt usually with a swisher sweet or a backwood. comes from the Bay Area a common term on the west coast.
1. yo homie, lets toke this chop.

2. Damn you got bars on that chop man.
by T-rev93 March 25, 2011
a cup of coffee
-hey get me that chop!
-naa its not done yet i think we need to clean the coffee maker
by MayorMcCheese January 01, 2011
facial hair on the cheeks, makes person change from boy to man
wow look at jake he looks like a man with those chops
by themanwiththefacialhair April 01, 2010
To freestyle rap
Yo man that nigga can chop!!
by Dekoi November 04, 2009
A powerful pill they call Oxycotin.
Man I'm so chopped out right now.
by Miss Emily Strange August 19, 2009

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