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Slang for lines of Cocaine.
Stop by the Dips, and get a fat sack of Chops
by Sugawulfpimp November 05, 2008
1) Area of the face, in the jaw section, just under the cheek bone that is a perfect place to lay a punch or slap on.

2) Cockney Term for face in general.
1) "If you carry on sunshine, I'll stick one right on your chops!"

2) "Alright bollock chops!"
by *CRUMPET* June 10, 2007
To swing a sharp handled weapon,(usually a machette).
Those nammers chopped those wasians.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
the act of having sex with a female.
Last night Latoya let me chop. Dawg, she stay wet!
by djphil3 October 26, 2009
Freshly chopped blow (or cocaine), often in lines.
I often snort up a line of chop using a rolled up George Washington.
by anat0lia September 07, 2009
To sell weed.
Ex 1:

Bobby: Hey I'll be about 20 minutes late.

Susie: Why?

Bobby: I got to go make a quick chop.

Ex 2:
Alex: Yo where did Osama go?

Addison:He's out choppin he'll be back soon.
by brotherjames March 28, 2009
a polite way to call a person by the name of Emil Heinemann an absolute freaking moron
That chop just jumped the red robot!
Shut up chop.
by Alan Southby February 13, 2007