1. Used to describe the level of skill somebody has with a specific talent.

2. A short way to refer to "muttonchops", which are a style of beard.
1. The guitarist is good, but damn... that drummer has got some serious chops!; Man, that guy should give up. His acting chops are pretty weak.; I can hire you for this hit, but you gotta prove to me that you've got the chops.

2. Say what you will about the Amish, but they tend to grow out some pretty wicked chops!
by VigorousJammer June 05, 2014
an insult or a dis
-"yo momma so fat she plays pool with the planets"

-"you play ball like a girl!"
--"dang man he be choppin' you"

-"you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf herder!"
--"dang man, leia be takin' you to the choppin' block"
by #swagdaddy69 October 06, 2013
The intentional, skillful, deceitful and often cruel act of juking-out, crossing-over, psyching-out, confusing, misleading, baiting or tricking someone who is vulnerable into a plot, trap, embarrassing-moment or minor-misfortune for ones own self-entertainment, amusement, fulfillment, humor, pleasure, revenge, or 1 up.
1. I went to push Charlie into the pool but I stopped before I made contact and he flinched so hard that he actually fell in himself.

2. Three customers have been waiting angrily for several minutes in line because my cash register light is still on but my shift is already over.

3. April 1st is National Chops Day!

4. As I texted my girlfriend that I'm leaving now, my professor said to the class "Actually, there's more!"

5. The QB Pump-Faked the defender so badly that he jumped for no reason/ The RB Juked the defender so quickly that he fell down and no one even touched him.

6. My mom got chopped into thinking I was at study hall when I really was at a friends house. She never asked so I just went along with it.

7. As I clinched my hand, I threw what seemed to be a tennis ball into the air as my dog sparky ran after it to retrieve nothingness.

8. As he took a sip of what I thought was water, we had no clue it was pure vodka.

9. I tried to purchase 300 dollars worth of clothes only for my debit card to say declined.

10. The Majority of Americans think that America is the land of the free.
by Longinus713 April 01, 2013
Slang term for steal,rob,/when you take something thats not your belonging,or without ones permission.
'dude dont chop my jacket'
'my jacket got chopped'
by seebstein March 10, 2013
When teams are picked for a pickup game of basketball, football, hockey, baseball etc but are deemed unfair
"them teams are chops, yo"

90s phrase..
by Bossable Hossman July 11, 2011
a name for a tightly rolled blunt usually with a swisher sweet or a backwood. comes from the Bay Area a common term on the west coast.
1. yo homie, lets toke this chop.

2. Damn you got bars on that chop man.
by T-rev93 March 25, 2011
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