to smoke a Blunt that's not the full size length
We didn't have enough tree to fill up the swisher so I ripped the blunt inhalf and made it a fat chop
by ThizzBitch August 01, 2012
A C Hops is a unique creature who can be identified in his natural habitat wearing jean shorts and excessive amounts of flannel. It holds a natural, undying love for the sheep species. Though it uses its cell phone frequently, the texts may be hard to understand and resemble that of a caveman. When out with friends, it may take on a paparazzi role. Also, it has an unhealthy attachment to air mattresses.
-"This kid tagged me in 84 photos and commented on ALL of them. He's totally C Hops-ing me!"
-"Thirty sheep went missing last night. Our main suspect is C Hops."
by lambchops4ever March 05, 2011
when someone asks you a yes or no question, and the answer is not quite maybe but not quite yes or no, you say chop to confuse the other person since it is not a legit answer.
girl: do you like me more than a friend ?
guy: chop .
girl: wtf...?
by randomwordperson August 18, 2010
An extremely large blunt. One that fills a swisher to the point where it looks like it hasn't been split yet and is fresh out of the package.
Person A: Yo, I just picked up an eighth, should we roll up a chop?

Person B: Ya, I got a gram on it if you wanna match.
Person A: Fo sho, the swish will be bigger then when we bought it.
by TreeP123 June 06, 2010
n. A reference to a woman, particulary one who will degrade themselves in order to have sex with a particular man.

Derived from the phrase "Chop, chop! Come here now woman!"

Also: Chopping, Chopper
I'm going to go out tonight and get some chop. She can clean my kitchen in between sessions.
by dajman_007 April 28, 2010
The act of cutting cocaine and mixing it with something else in order to make profit.
- I chop it with the razor, then I let it hit the sack.

- Yo grab the arm and hammer so we can chop down this bird.
by TheChronicKingWes115 February 14, 2010
verb - To strike someone with a thrown or launched object. Often in a classroom setting or with an object not designed for throwing. Primarily used by african americans in the Charleston, SC area.
Ms. Warner, William had chop me with his pencil!

Boy hush before I chop you with my book.

I chopped that fool up side his head three times with yesterday.
by runey777 June 20, 2009

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