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19 definitions by cris

A personality in a Wonderful movie that has nothing to sexually do with anything.

also he rocks.
Willy Wonka's Candy factory is the shit.
by Cris July 22, 2005
565 112
The most famous and wonderful song wirtten by the sadly little known band Marcy Playground
Sex and candy is a rockin' song
by Cris December 10, 2004
341 98
A monster from the MMORPG Ragnarok that looks like a giant thrashing purple penis that comes out of the sand to assault people with it's head.
Lost:OMFG Snaaaaaap! there is a hode and it's trying to raaaaaaaape meeeeee!
by Cris December 09, 2004
66 8
The informal nickname of famous playwright and poet William Shakespeare, I call him this because he is my homie.

"Oh shit, I think Willy Shakes just called you a slut!"
by Cris October 07, 2005
14 2
suck my dick, provide a sexually stimulate a person orally.
hey girl i heard u swallow come through my spot after school and gimme dat dome
by cris June 23, 2004
8 2
when you fart and a little more than air comes out you asshole
i hope i dont follow thru before i get to the toilet
by cris December 20, 2003
6 2
Rockyland a state of super drunkenness. In this state everything is happy, nothing is felt.No recolection of whats happening. Passing out. a.k.a smashed,blasted etc
Last night after drinking so much i passed out and went to rockyland boy was that fun
by Cris January 02, 2005
2 0