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A subtle way talk about a girls ass without everyone around you thinking your a pervert.
Wow you guys see Rachel today?
Ya shes got a great... personality.
Damn I would love to tap that... personality.
by MayorMcCheese November 10, 2006
A powerful word that when used in an explictive way could describe pain, displeasure, or hatred. Often replaces other more common sware words.
Mike-Hey dont look now but here comes Mark.
Trevor-Wow that guy is such a conch!
Mark-Hey fuck you I heard that!
Trevor-Wow you are such a conch!
Mark-Fuck you, you conch sucker!
Trevor-Ya real good why dont you go conch your self in the face!
Mark-You know I would but I already conched all over your mom last night!
Trevor-Ya real mature bring my mom into this you conch.
Mark-You know I wouldnt have to if she didnt love the conch so much
Trevor-Fuck you!
Trevor-fuck you have beaten me. ***Lays down in fetal position***
by MayorMcCheese October 09, 2006
big ol' titties
-check out those zongs
by MayorMcCheese October 02, 2010
a cup of coffee
-hey get me that chop!
-naa its not done yet i think we need to clean the coffee maker
by MayorMcCheese January 01, 2011
A black fly in your Chardonnay
preach it Alanis you know the true meaning of irony
by MayorMcCheese October 09, 2006
A subtle way talk about a girls boobs or rack without everyone around you thinking your a pervert.
Wow look at her shes got HUGE intelligence!!!

Ya shes ok but her intelligence isn't up to par.
by MayorMcCheese October 17, 2006
A hellish week when its +100 degrees every day and flat nasty band chicks wear little to no clothing causing nausea vomiting and often death after prolonged suffering.
OMG its so hot I hate band camp, AHHH here comes another band chick! Dont look in her eyes or you'll turn to stone!
by MayorMcCheese October 18, 2006

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