A word used to describe a legendary happening, commonly used amongst friends.
Hey Chris, that milkshake was chops aye!
by Chop$DMC October 22, 2013
Term Used To Punish Retardedness/Foolishness/Akwardness and Any Other Deserving Act.
Mexican: Is Mexico a Country???



(take hand forming karate shape and chop neck)
by Nikolia Bellic May 01, 2008
Singing voice. Can truly sing; vocal abilities.
That singer still has his chops.
by DetroitSinger August 17, 2010
to smoke, usually marijuana
Hey, you wanna go chop this chron?

We just chopped up a fatty blunt.

I was chopping mad squares last night, I smoked a pack just at the bar..
by RisingIcarus May 16, 2009
A Basic Frail Pussy. Also used synonmously with "Fake"
That kid is so chops, he said his KD is a 1.6 on COD when we know that it's .7
by King Ciroc November 21, 2013
when you mix weed and tobacco in a cup and chop it up with scizzors, then smoked out of a bong. Usually makes you spin for a few seconds.
That chop made me spin
by Murdafield June 28, 2011
when someone asks you a yes or no question, and the answer is not quite maybe but not quite yes or no, you say chop to confuse the other person since it is not a legit answer.
girl: do you like me more than a friend ?
guy: chop .
girl: wtf...?
by randomwordperson August 18, 2010

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