1. A really hot girl.
2. To have sex with a girl
3. To pursue a girl
1. Daaaaam that bitch is chop!
2. Yo man I chopped your grandma yesterday.
3. You gonna chop that ho, man?
by -B-Rad- August 18, 2006
Chop, a crude term for the act of making love. Usually used in its plural form 'chopped'.
Q "Did anything happen with you and that bird you were with last night".

A "Yeh i chopped her all night".
by TimmyVerbs August 24, 2005
to give head

to get head
hell naw i didn't chop him up!

yea, she chopped me up
by baby grl April 11, 2005
In poker, to split the pot when two players have identical hands. Sometimes agreed to voluntarily by the big and small blind when there are no other bettors. Also used when two or more players agree to split the prize money at the end of a poker tournament.
Player 1: "Chop?"
Player 2: "Sure."
by Joe Bone April 11, 2005
v. the act of fellatio
aka: to suck dick; when a girl is slobbin.
Did she chop you up?

I hella got chopped on last night.
by *** March 02, 2005
to fuck, bang, screw, generally to have sex with.
"I met this fine girl last night"
"You chop?"
"I was choppin' all night!"
by Benk January 02, 2005
chopped up mint leaves used in the production of wet.
I need to buy a pound of chop tomorrow, I just got ahold of a gallon of sherm.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
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