Dirty South Slang, Houston Texas, crossfade precisely and accurately between 2 specifically synchronized channels causing the 'chop' in 'chop and screw', not 'sliced and slowed' whoever invented term that is not from texas and is an ignorant novice to Dirty South Hip Hop. Creator DJ Screw made famous by DJ Mike '5000' Watts, DJ O G Ron C
...finnih give it to you shawty, u gon' feel it in ya body everytime Ron and Michael Watts chop a spot, aint forgot about true DJ screw, cuz if it wasnt for screw, wouldnt be nothin to do, no clamin' red no clamin blue, woulnt be nothin to bang while im bangin you... -chamillionaire
#screw #dj #choppin 'em up 8 #crossfader #houston
by bigreyzday January 10, 2006
chopping = using machette to attack people

method used to kill people long time ago in chinas during the dynastys
those guys r chopping every1
by aha November 20, 2003
When a girl and or guy uses his or her teeth while performing fellatio.
My night was appearing to have the perfect ending until she started to chop me.
#toothy #indian burn #raw johnson #biter #rocky cave dweller
by Realgmer March 15, 2009
Chop on
To make fun of an individual's flaws along with a group of others, while the victim is aware of the comments.

Chop up
To give a haircut.
Chop on
(man1) Look at that knot on yo head!
(man2) Go get yo edge-up foo!
(man3) This nigga got some fucked up ass teeth!
(bystander) This nigga is gettin his ass chopped on!

Chop up
Hey bro, I'm about to go and get chopped up.
#haircut #tease #joke #cut #clip
by Nigga Black June 27, 2008
(noun, singular) derived from "chap"
A friend; neuter gender term of endearment.
My best chop took the bus today.

Hey, What's up, chop?
by Mildred Kerplucknickshuck November 14, 2004
To have an unintentional GUI hitch when using a computer -- which is punishable by public ridicule.
Hey Matt, I can see that chop from here.
#chop #hitch #degrade #soundlist #8800
by Carmelo Paolozzi September 23, 2007
an ugly person that look really fucked up!!
nigga i was walkin to tha gas station and i saw this dude tryna talk to me, he was like hey lil ma, let me holla at you, i said hell naw, tha nigga was just plain chop.
#ugly #busted #rusty #ugh #oolgy
by latina evans December 21, 2006
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