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To improve performance of something as in a hot rod car.
Plans were made to hotrod the shovel motor in the old rigid chop so it would get out of it's own way.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
An extreme sexual gearhead or motorhead who finds some aspect of internal combustion or vehicles erotic.
People turned on by humping motorcycles, the shape of car bodies, the sound, smell or look of exhaust.
Look at that motosexual, reving and humping his dirtbike and turning around to look at the smoke!
Yeah, that motosexual, ever since he put a cam in his chevelle, he has been driving around with a woodie!
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
Pastence of to drop the hammer. - To hit the throttle and or drop the clutch and do a burnout.
He dropped the hammer on his R6 and the rear tire erupted into a smokeshow as the frontend tried hard to come up under him.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
The act of having improved the performance of anything, especially of engines or cars or bikes.
He hotroded the pickups on his guitar for better tone.
He had thourougly hotroded the smallblock in his ElCamino.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
A V8 engine from a family used in Chevrolet and some other GM cars from about 1955 forward.
The smallblock in his Camaro was getting tired so he decided to hotrod it when he rebuilt it.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
The front forks and wheel of a motorcycle or bicycle.
He went into the corner so hard that the frontend started to wash.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
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