What comes outta your penis when you cum
Get a load of that choad!
#ejaculate #jizz #semen #cum #splooge
by One eyed monkey juice December 14, 2005
Ball or drop of semen attatched to the penis or testes, usually after masturbation.
"Or you can lick the choads off my nuts after your mom jerks me tomorrow!" said Tommy.
by tames August 13, 2005
NDBoston, troll of the internet
wow, NDBoston is a fine choad
by moi April 09, 2005
From the French chaud. Quim, baby juice, load, jizz, paste, sperm, cum, slop, hotmix, jam (pearl or otherwise,) slime, mash, ejaculate noun, slather.
Did you see that het load of choad all over that slut's face???
by lothar mann March 08, 2005
a penis that is equal in gerth and length
when trying to find what made me different from everyone else, i realized it was all about my choad.
by Lance February 28, 2005
a person or thing that is short
my pants are so choad
hey choad!
sam is such a choad
by k-lynn February 03, 2005
The fine line between right and wrong
Danniel should never have goaded the choad.
by phat dan January 14, 2005
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