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1. A short, fat cock. Must be wider than it is long.

2. Anything short and fat, like a fat kid or a Prius.
1. Dude, that guy has a freakin' choad!

2. My best friend is a choad. He's fat as hell and he's 5'2"
by AIDZ September 18, 2005
The crease in jeans that occurs on your zipper when you sit down. Looks like a small penis, hence "jeanis"
Dude, nice jeanis, you horny bastard!
by AIDZ September 18, 2005
When having sex, you undress the girl, then grab her,pick her up, throw her onto the bed violently, then make a mask out of your fingers and yell "Red Baron."
Last time I was having sex, I did a Red Baron to my girl and broke up with her the next day.
by AIDZ September 29, 2005
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