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A magical sword that is only wieldable by the Sir Clark Klan.
The SCK beat us to death with their choads.
3 12
To have a fat dick but looks as thick as a tapeworm.
The Choad would not fit in the skinny vagina.
by Alex February 06, 2004
1 10
A cross between a chimpanzee and a toad that swings from tree to tree trying to get the banana.
"Yo Justizzle, look at the choad right thurre!"
by M-A-double tizzle December 11, 2003
7 16
A common misconstrued slang word originating from a confused noun version of the actual word chaos.
It was a choad of a song, with no actual structure the musicians continued to ride it on the sheer reaction of the audience.
by J. Corinne Gordon May 27, 2003
2 11
The reason why you don't want to fuck a steamroller...
It is a dick wider than it is long.
"Man, this bee-atch's puss was so tight man, I was afraid if I strained myself too much, i'd fuck my dick into a choad!!!"
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003
26 35
A choad is a dick, which is wider than it is long.
Peter has a sweet little choad!
by l.obermayer May 02, 2003
5 14
A very fat peice of shit.
Look at the size of that choad!
by Roddy666 January 16, 2003
6 15