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Fat Over the Pubic Area.
Nathalie's FOPA was so bad it took me 2 hours to find her vag.

Matt's FOPA is so bad he hasn't seen his cock in 4 years.
by Mike22 February 08, 2007
Somebody who goes for walks at all hours of the night. Slamming doors and making loads of noise, waking everyone up. Usually has long hair down to his crack. A Tcherepnine also has a choad.
Damn that Tcherepnine!
Damn Tcherepnine is walking around at 4am again like some tit!
I heard a rumour that the Tcherepnine has a choad!
by Mike22 February 09, 2007
is a cab in English.
i used a taxi to get to Tcherepnine's house.

i need a taxi to get home because im a piss head.
by Mike22 February 09, 2007
A "choad" is a penis that is wider than it is long.
Tcherepnine's choad weighs 9 stone!!!

Tcherepnine's penis is twice as wide as it is long dude!
That's one hell of a choad!
by Mike22 February 08, 2007

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