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it is as long as it is wide, ahhhhh
gaz has a choad, luv swaby x
by c-h-o-a-d February 11, 2003
2 10
Also see definitions for chode
"Shaddup, you stupid choad."
by x January 31, 2003
5 13
used as a greeting for a person who height to weight ratio is larger than average
hey whats up choad, ha choad
by Anonymous November 25, 2002
4 12
the area between a guys balls and asshole that frevent him from shitting on his balls
a.k.a. taint
My choad needs cleaned badly.
by Grizzles March 26, 2007
7 16
Basically, any excess skin on the head of a penis or in the scrotum to anus area. On the female, her vuluptous vulva and her taint region
jesse pulled back his choad to remove the lint from the head of his penis or his scrotum to anus region.
by jgiddy99 December 19, 2006
9 18
The little flap of skin that connects the penis to the ballsack. (NOT the same as gooch, or taint)
"She licked my balls and dick, then she started flicking my choad with her tongue! It was awesome!"
by Carl Betty October 23, 2006
3 12
A penis that is wider than it is long, can usually be used as an insult.
Oh my god that man has got a choad.
Why did you do that you choad!
by Harry Moody February 16, 2006
8 17