Hi mrs.tablert, your son broke a glass. choad means a penis that is wider than it is long, this long
Tyler Mckneal is not a choad.
by alex r January 13, 2003
not a bad word, somehing good to yell for fun
by TP December 30, 2002
Akin to a hairy door-knob (sic)
"It looks like a choad."

"You're a choad."
by Zer0_Divide April 02, 2007
I penis that is bumby and wider than it is long.
Maurice dweck is the only person in the syrian community with a choad. I really feel bad for him because he cannot jerk off with out using a funnel. Legend has it that Maurice on the 8th day he was born had one of the top 2 worst curcumsision's ever done. They shouldent have hired Steve Wonder, because he's blind, not certified and he likes to chop off big peices and make a wallet out of them. So now the wallet that he keeps his money in is part of Maurices choad.
by Alex Tourgaman June 11, 2006
A man that wants to marry a woman that sleeps with all kinds of men.
"That Japanese girl you are seeing is having sex with all those guys while your gone." One man says to the choad. "But I love her and people change." Storms away furious. The other man turns to his friend and says. "Whatta CHOAD."
by Drew June 08, 2004
1. A variety of penis in which the diameter of the cock is greater than its length. 2. the area between the balls and asshole, also known as the "home stretch" 3. See Your Momma
Oh shit man, I got my choad stuck in the Mayonaise jar again. Fuuuuck me.
by Mike December 07, 2003
the piece of flesh discarded after the circumcision of a penis
Dr. Mack, where should we place the new choads?
by Mondo December 01, 2003
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