pepole people the word choad has buy one definition only one!
when a penis is wider than it is long
thats the only true definiton
derek cummings sfdahk
by halo2 May 10, 2005
Footwarts on toast, mixed with a good amount of Podge juice can create the ultimate Simon 'Beast' Shuttleworth. To lambaste or to wallpaper paste..
podge shuttleworth fookwart
Podge came in and podged shuttleworth over the desk..
by Adamo March 17, 2005
Same definition, new sentence
I like choads, by the boadload.
by Jizzy LaRue March 02, 2005
a rare medical condition where the gerth of a pennis exceeds the length
look in between you`re legs CHOAD BOY
by dan cliff November 17, 2004
A robin who is the son of an alder.
Robin Alderson is a friggin' choad.
by Richard October 22, 2004
a word used on an internet message board to slander it's creators. The word however is used to describe the overall douchebaggedness of the individual who called them that in the first place. Thus making the definition of choad, actually kyle. So a kyle is a choad, and a choad is a kyle.
The Jakes are choads, for not putting up my threadless submission. I sent them an e-mail, but the choads never replied. Because they are after all, a bunch of non-replying choads.
by tacosaurus July 19, 2004
a dick that is wider than it is long; like a recess pieces
I am a little choad, short and stout; here is my shaft, and here is my head. When I get all steamed up, here me shout, tip me over and blow me out.
by Tito Bagins April 29, 2004
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