Female(adult/teen) tiny petite-sized bitch. She argues with everyone, never knows when to shut the fuck up! Very annoying, tries to control and intimidate people. Acts like she can take on anyone in a fight.
Truth...She's an insecure coward who tries to over-compensate by presenting a tough exterior. She's a malicious, un-pleasant, selfish person.

Is that chihuahua ever going to shut the fuck up?
Godzilla(huge-framed big-mouth female bitch)finally got fed-up and kicked that chihuahuas' ass!
Shut your fuckin chuhuahua(girlfriend) up before I come over there and kick her face in!
by Queenfcukalot October 15, 2007
Chihuahua is a younger woman (20 - 30) who dates men 40 years and older. Chihuahuas are pampered, petted, and taken around by their owners.
Chihuahuas like more experienced men, college frat boys just don't do it for them.
Don't even bother dude, Jenny's a Chihuahua. You ain't got the money or experience to satisfy her.
by mc3 July 15, 2008
A big eared, small body type, animal. It has dog in it, but is also mixed with Short Haired foxes and go through different modes: Shark Mode, Spider Mode, Lick Lick Monster Mode, and Dumbo mode. They have specialized minds where they send thoughts to humans in either Mexican or hillbilly voices.
Lick Lick Mode: When they lick everything around them
Shark Mode: Go on a evil rampage and attack human hands
Spider Mode: When they jump up and stand on their back legs and fight something.
Dumbo Mode: When they jump so high it seems they are flying with their oversized ears.

Different Chihuahuas vary.
by Chico the Chihuahua October 24, 2009
1.) Used as an interjection, chant or greeting
2.) Most common in Chihuahua, Mexico and Northern Virginia.
Person from Southern Virginia: Howdy!
Person from Northern Virginia: Chi-hua-hua!
by Waki Talkie August 18, 2011
A small normally friendly dog, speculated to have descended from an elder species somewhere in mexico
Come on chico! Good chihuahua!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
A very insulting way to call/name someone.It's really bad and can hurt someone's feelings if you exaggerate.Be careful!
-Chihuahua,come here.
-No,asshole.Your mother is a chihuahua,not me.
by illuminati-take-control September 27, 2013
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