A small, possibly underweight man who prefers to take the dominating role in a homosexual relationship.
Chris was the chihuahua in he and Patrick's relationship. Although 40 pounds lighter than Patrick, Chris penetrated Patrick nightly.
by jonnyo June 23, 2007
a rodent
Thats not a dog, thats a "RODENT".

by tatomuck1 February 04, 2009
Live squeaky toy for a real dog...
Mojo the Wondermutt played gleefully with the yapping chihuahua until it stopped squeaking, then got bored with it's limp, lifeless form...
by Jon MaCoul July 20, 2009
some wild dogs that run in packs killing and raping people in their way, they like raping anal way with their 18 inch long penis.
The chihuahua dogs are raping emos.
by alejandro torresdey April 15, 2008
A sexual position where the man squats on his haunches, the woman lies on her back and puts her knees on his shoulders. The man then proceeds to fuck the woman like a Chihuahua fucking someone’s leg
I fucked her like a chihuahua - thanks for the defn. big fella, you know who you are ;)
by Johnny Thomas May 24, 2007
Pronunciation: (chi hoo-uh hoo-uh)
An engandgered mold known for it's ability to move and speak an intense dialect of Spanish.
Frequently collared and walked, all that is known about these mysterious plants is their pronunciation.
"After the drugs set in, I saw chihuahuas everywhere."
"There is a chihuahua on your face, Ms. Veracruz."
by Philip Marlowe November 27, 2005
A canine rat.
I offered to take Nadine's chihuahua, Senor Guapo, rabbit hunting. Senor Guapo was destined for a tragic hunting accident.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
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