A wimpy, rat-like dog from Mexico. The former poster animal for Taco Bell.
Neighbor 1: Check out my new dog from the animal shelter.
Neighbor 2: That is not a dog. That's a fucking RAT!
Neighbor 1: It's called a chihuahua, dumbass.
Neighbor 2: Oh....I knew that.
Neighbor 1: Yeah right.
by AYB April 29, 2003
Its not even a dog. Chihuahuas are theses ugly rodent like animals originating from a third world country somewhere near hell. They are the ugly little satan spawns who enjoy humping things and annoying people.
There was a chihuahua fucking a stuffed animal and the camera guy tried to get near it and the fucking roach got pissed off.
by Fat Tits Fart September 04, 2006
A Small, Soft or Fluffy Person.
"No longer do I have to deal with you chihuahua artists" - Kerri "Kaoz 6.23" Chandler (DJ and Producer)
by Jim McNally July 07, 2005
A small dog originally bred in central America as food.
Delicious, delicious chihuahua meat.
by Ziod January 26, 2004
Coca-Cola's attempt of copying the Badgers song.
Which is better? Badgers or Chihuahuas? There's only one way to find out ... FIGHT!
by Chris Ridsdill February 23, 2004
A baby hippo whose name starts with the letter J.
Joelle here, Joanne there
Baby Hippos everywhere
I didn't know
He was a technician!


Joelle can make you move
Joelle can make you groove
Cos he looks just like a
Baby Hippohuahua
by Tony of the laboratory October 16, 2003
some stupid gayass coca cola advertisement played on tv every 2 minutes
"whaddup dawg?"
"stfu nigger."
by Anonymous October 10, 2003

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