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means "night rain" in japanese. is mostly used for a girls name
watashi wa Amaya desu. (my name is Amaya)
by nicole bitch!!!! November 16, 2007
Love and Angel :) sweetest girl around do anything for you
Ever Amaya is a sweet heart.
by TM ACH November 04, 2011
An amazing , beautiful , intelligent girl. Usually a black girls name.
She is so beautiful.Her name must be amaya
by beatsbabe July 03, 2011
the prettiest girl you'll ever lay your eyes on. her eyes sparkle and capture everyone. she has a nice smile and she is pure. like an angel.
we went to the soup kitchen, Amaya was there.
by kdizzlebfrizzle August 21, 2011
Prettiest girl you'll ever lay eyes on. She have a beautiful smile that is pure like an angel she is very loyal and an amazing girlfriend. She will always stay true to you
Boy I wish I was an amaya
by rrtyuvggn January 20, 2015
A bitch who everyone hates. She's my best friend and I love her. She's really funny but really inappropriate.
"did you see amaya?"

"she called lindsey a twat."
by That mixed chick October 08, 2014
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