Radical guy who's a sexy motherfucker usually really popular and fun to be around with
Hey did you see how cool Che was today?
by Tigresa February 16, 2015
man of hispanic or black ethnicity having an extremely long and giant penis, loved at school usually one of the most popular gets alot of girls
girl- know that hot dude at school che i wanna bend over and let him in he makes me so wet!
dude-thats my brother
by sweet milk chocolate December 30, 2011
A Falkland Island term, used when you're speaking with friends, means friend.

Very informal.

pronounced - Chey
Alright Che?

Hows it going Che?

You okay Che?
by KickingtheFalklandcan November 19, 2011
Che: derived from the mexican slang term "pinche", but is often used as an alternative when feeling like you cannot use the whole word, or are in a public vicinity and the actual word would be lewd and unproper.
Val: Eh, we, mira ese vato ke pa en el BMW 335is
Friend: Kien es ese we?
Val: Le Douche....
Friend: AHhh CHE HECTOR!
Val: lulz
by VaLcan June 22, 2011
A word of confirmation or agreement, can be used interchangeably with yes or sure, can also be used in a situation where there is no necessary response. Can be used in other forms such as chezzle, chezzie or used with fer to substitute the statement for sure, with fer che.
"God damn that wild turkey is good" ........ Fer che

"I can't remember shit from last night, we were so wasted" Che
by Griffin Jones February 08, 2008
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