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Che Guevara, Revolutionary leader of Cuba which overthrew the Bautista Regime in the late 50's
Hasta La Victoria Siempre
by CrazyBaldhead. July 11, 2003
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<1- a word commonly used by argentinean people>

<2- applied in conversations>

<3- also used to get someone's attention>
1- Si che!

2- No se que mierda le pasa al pibe ese che!

3- Che! deja de papar moscas, mierda!
by Miss Che December 14, 2003
OK, I'm Argentinian people, here's the real deal: Che is actually used mostly in Buenos Aires, the capitol. It's not true slang, it's just a word used in Argentina. Slang is more common in the inland regions, like Cordoba. Che means either "hey" or "buddy", or simply "hey, buddy."
Che! Me gusto su chaqueta.
by Jon July 13, 2005
Prominent figure on the clothing of suburban adolescents. The message conveyed is that of support for communism through the purchase of durable goods made with Chinese labor.
Hey, Timmy, what happened to all your Phish shirts?

Timmy: My dad found my stash and threw them out, now I read adbusters and smoke behind the dumpsters at school. I thought the Che shirts were cool because they're at Hot Topic, it's totally underground; they only have 2200 stores in North America.
by fuck-tard March 27, 2008
Che is sort of like slang for argentineans. Che is used A LOT by argentineans. Its like Hey.
Me: "Che! Como estas?"
(Means, "Hey, how are you?")
Friend: "Ah, estoy bien."
(Means, "Oh, I'm ok.")
by DitzySteph June 30, 2004
Its a word used all over Argentina to call a person, similar to "hey". It has no meaning,it is slightly informal, you can use it at the beginning, in the middle, or in the end of any thing you say. Ernesto "Che" Guevara was a revolutionary leader who as any other Argentinian used the word "che". He was called "che" in foreign countries beacuse he used the word very often, its not that the word was created after him!
"che, estás ocupado?" "hey, are you busy?"
by sourbandic February 25, 2007
A slang term for the grain alcohol Everclear, which, like the famous guerilla leader and popular t-shirt image Che Guevara, is revolutionary.
We were throwing back shots of 151-proof Che last night--nobody really remembers what happened, but three of us woke up with sharpie Marx all over our faces.
by fmty October 04, 2009
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