a name given to a girl most usully having a a full sleeve of tattoos.ches are some the mose genuine people youll ever meet and have exceeding beauty.ches are misunderstood because of their lound and fun nature but if you know one dont let her go.she probobly the funnest girl you'll ever meet.ches tend to beat a bitch up if pissed.
holly shit my girlfriend just went che on me and damn near knocked me out.
by heavyD10 March 03, 2010
Che- meaning "far out", "wow, thats neat" in New Zealand Maori
"Che, thats sweet alright"
by Z May 12, 2004
A really anoying word used by argentineans.
enough said...
The only good thing that came out of Argentina was Soda Stereo and Leo Messi.
Normal guy: Wow Argentinens speak like dumb-asses and are sooo anoying.
Argentinean: Che! Lo se!
Normal guy:...
by VivaMEXICOCABRONES January 20, 2010
Used like tsk, as in *tsk tsk*.
"Oh yeah, like you were really gonna do that." "Che.*sarcastic look*"
by Emessis April 03, 2003
Something that Maori say when something is cool, sweet or great.
Guy:I going to go to BK for dinner

by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
italian for "what?" or "huh?" or "how" in the case of how cute.
The redsox won the world series.
aww that dog is so cute. che bello.
by MLouise January 21, 2007
To give vange shit.
Its time to Che.

(It is time to give vange shit)
by Che_owns_at_life August 12, 2008

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