Literal Translation is "Hey you guy" which was the nickname of Ernesto Geuvara who would be more famously known as Che Quevara. One of the most influential and charismatic people in world History a true legend.
A Macdonalds in Havana?, what would Che say?
by Jarocho Condessa March 12, 2004
A commonly used word used by raj and vik to confuse thier fellow friends....the actual definition of the word is unknown to many but raj and vik do have all the answers...
easy che....che che on the che che....che
by Raj D August 18, 2006
meant as a compliment or description of attractiveness of a person (mostly female)
dude check out that che. she is so effin hot.
by Atyalimkus May 24, 2007
A fat cunt who loves cheese burgers also has a ma called kim and she loves the cock so much. Ronald McDonald bucked him in the Mcdonalds staff toilets
by laddfabgk February 05, 2009
Che is synomous with yeah. However, it has more feeling to it.
Che bitch, cant wait to get crunk at the party!
by johnyysong May 11, 2005
anouncement of disgust
che man! thats nasty dread
by fay January 30, 2004

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