(verb) to che another is to ditch your mates in favour of a girl
"Mate i've met a new girl!"
"You still coming out saturday?"
"Sorry i can't"
"Why you cheing me!"
by erkle1 March 31, 2010
hey you; calling someone
che! come over here; theres something I want to give you
by GunGrave June 30, 2005
\'cheh\ A call used in public to play foosball. Can be used as a call and response.
"Dude, I really wanna play some foos right now. Che?!!?"

by foosballz May 21, 2013
SHIT!! in japanese!! used as an interjection...
Man 1: Anata ga sekushii desu!!

Man 2: Che! Anata ga okama desu!!

Man 1: You are sexy!!

Man 2: SHIT! You are a fag!!
by Ansel June 11, 2005
a word that is used to express happiness for a certain situation or outcome. similar to when a person says "word" or "nice"
stoner 1:yo i got some dank shit, wanna come over?
stoner 2: chee! do you need a piece?
by scottmandooo September 29, 2011
Slang term used by people in Indian Head SK to describe Native Americans. Can also be used to refer to a friend.
1- There is a bunch of Che's hanging out there

2- How is it Che.
by Bob Prior January 31, 2011
The noise that comes out when Jeremy tries to talk.
Jeremy:Dude get off the couch, dude get off the couch, dude get off the couch, dude get off the couch, dude get off the couch.
Josh:Just shut up! You're so freaking annoying!
by Gleremy November 17, 2007

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