Spanish for shit.
Used in other forms....
Colombians clean it up a bit.... they say case mommy and daddy are around... Miercoles = Mierda. Miercoles is also Spanish for Wednesday... I guess Wednesday is full of SHIT
by That's Hot March 07, 2005
as many now know.. is spanish for shit. other synonyms include caca and porqueria.
actually most latin american countries use mier.....coles to clean it up in front of people who don't like cursing. ex.1 I'm going to beat the mierda out of you. ex.2 I'm going to beat the wednesday out of you
by somedudeyoudontknow July 03, 2005
Es la palabra que contiene todos los conceptos inabarcables pero que tienen que ser expresados. Puede ser algo bueno (como en "que mierda tan deliciosa"), puede ser malo ("este taco está una mierda"), puede ser indeterminado ("no entiendo ni mierda"), puede ser un adjetivo de ubicación ("la casa queda en la mierda"), puede ilustrar el estado de algo ("el carro quedó vuelto mierda"), e incluso puede ser una expresión espontánea cuando te golpeas el dedo pequeño del pie con un mueble ("mierda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!").
que mierda de definición
by perroloco October 21, 2013
means "shit" in spanish.
Marissa, Jamie, and Cecilia love to say the word "mierda" in 1st period.
by panduhbear October 09, 2008
In many spanish-speaking countries it means "thing".
Apurate, dame esa mierda. "Hurry up, give me that shit"
by elmerocaballo April 18, 2009
Definition 1: Noun, A spanish word meaning shit.

Definition 2: Noun, An overly used word by latino people or idiots thinking they are professional by saying it in Gunbound.
Example 1: Omfg... this is full of mierda.

by DeathExperts February 09, 2005
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