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Spanish from Argentina. A word for guy (boy, dude, male, etc.) Pronounced pee-bay/pee-be.
Did you see that pibe?
Come on, pibe, lets go!
by nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn July 19, 2006
play it by ear
i wanna go to the movies tonight, but i may have to work... let's just pibe.
by srirachasue January 25, 2011
En Argentina y Uruguay: Chico o chica. Se puede usar para niños o para jóvenes.
In Argentina and Uruguay: Child or youngster. When the word ends with "e", it refers to a male, and when it ends with "a", it refers to a female.
¿Te enteraste de que Pedro tuvo un pibe?
Nah, ¿en serio? ¡No sabía! ¿Cuándo nació?

¿Quién era la piba que invitaste el otro día? Me parece que la conozco de algún lado.
by Miss Hetalia October 21, 2013
Play it by ear. Abbreviation. Shorthand when making tentative plans.
Not sure if I can make it, let's pibe.
by cb1011 October 29, 2014
Play it by ear, to wing it, improvise, see how it goes. Used when someone doesn't want to commit to plans, but rather to leave things open ended.
"Wanna meet at the mall at 4:00?"

"Let's PIBE, girl!"
by Janet R January 19, 2008
vibe while your high
The pibe in this group is flowing well.
by Wallace Carapella November 01, 2010
Play It By Ear. Used to express a willingness to engage in a social activity, while at the same time demonstrating a reluctance to firmly commit.

Used frequently at the University of Maryland. Originated in Washington, DC.
I don't know if we're going to hit the bars later-- we're just going to pibe.
by Padraic April 13, 2005
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