People who
1)dislikes the idea of individuality,
2)shout 'Goth' at anyone wearing black
3)dislike being different
4)always wear burberry
5) have silly 'fashions'
They smoke, drink cider and go to shitty little clubs with a 15 person capacity when theres 50 of them.
They like to 'hang' in groups to give a brain cell total of 1.
Monday morning: 'Oh, im still pissed from goin owt las nite, like'
Tuesday: 'Yeah, like, i wen ta
Blues agen las' nite'
Wednesday: 'I've got a bangin edache from las' nite, like, eh'
Thursday: 'I'm fuckin knackerd ey, i shudnt ov bin owt las' nite agen'
Friday: ' i ad a wkd nite las' nite, wos in Blues AND Toppers! Then we wen ta't Waverly Like, Eh!? Wot ya deyaan t'mora like?'
by Zaphod Beedlebot April 21, 2004
Stupid Geordie uber-cunt. Characterised by shite clothes, ratty little pre-pubescent tash and incomprehensible language skills. Calls everyone radgee, drives a Nova GTE, Has the SHITTEST Nokia phone you have ever seen with a cheapo plastic Pink Panther cover on it. Alreet? Way aye man. Cunts.
Hyaaa man yaaar a proper radgee yee like. Ya daft cont.
by Ronson March 16, 2004
Scum of the town. A bunch of Idiot. That think they are so cool. Never gets a real job. Girl charver have blonde hair and have two kids before their sixteen. Also on benifits
Gold rings on each hand. Lots of gold necklaces. Scum of the earth. No hope for them.
by Kill the chaver November 01, 2003
A scruffy sod who wears a fake burberry cap and is always forcing money or fags outta people. If your not a charver your not supposed to live (according to them) they're all hrad with their mates but wen they by themselves they are soft cunts
by Dan October 24, 2003
A cheap gold, stripey jumper worshipper. Arsehole crude and shouts at passers by whilst smoking their last tab in a bushelter. Anyone who isn't a chauver is either a goth or a sk8er according to them.
by Kelly October 06, 2003
Charvers aren't as bad as people say they are. Especially listening to some of the comments on here. Even though I am not a charver, ALL of my friends are charvers.
Okay, they all wear similar clothes, sports wear, jewellery, stripy jumpers, hiking jackets & boots. But they dont all have the attitude people are making out on here.
Don't tar everyone with the same brush.
I went to high school, 6th form, university and people call me a charver??
I enjoy sitting with my mates drinking cheap cider and having a laugh, especially at the end of the month when my wages are running out and I want to relax.
Fair enough, you can define the way charvers look, but not their attitude to society.
Also, what is wrong with hanging round with a big group of people. Isn't the saying "the more the merrier"?? I like having a big circle of friends.
We dont have a problem with "emo" "goth" "hippy" steretypes. We just have different interests so aren't often seen together.
Also, out of all of my friends, only about 20% of them smoke which is below average compared to the rest of the population.
Although I personally dont wear sports clothes often, I dont see what the big deal is they're comfortable and warm.
Hope this will make even just 1 person think differently about charvers, and then it would have been worth it.
"Stop misinterpreting charvers, please??"

by biasedcharver January 10, 2008
Charver comes from old geordie slang, back in the day it was just another word for ... Man, mister, bloke, gadge,
"I was dying for a drink so i asked the charver behind the bar to pour me a nice pint of stella"
by SpittinVenom July 02, 2007
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