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A corpse found floating in a body of water... usually half decomposed or partially consumed by fish and stuff (coz there dead....)
*cops talking on phone thingies* "You'd better get down here quick, weve got another floater"
by Rossy August 24, 2003
hideously deformed beyond recognition
nol's bung eye... *shudders*
by Rossy August 24, 2003
They were good shoes like rockport and lecoste they wear good cloths like berghause, TOG24 and spray way... nice coats... they wear nasty muckle clown pendants(the girls). Most smoke and drink but if you say they all do you are predjudis... they speaka in a almost gerdie accent. they like new monkey music and clubland. most will end up on the dowle but some dont
oi oi oi oi oi
by Rossy February 24, 2004

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