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A person entirely devoted to causes of their religious establishment, bypassing all matters of common sense.
The churchie spent all week in flea infested villages feeding poor children.
by Drenam April 14, 2003
When you live by a church they are
the church goers that get in your way when you try to get through.
Those darn churchies parked in our drive-way again.
by glitterfied girl April 08, 2008
Someone that goes to youth group/church.

That simple.
Person1: Those churchies are pretty damn nice.
Person2: Yeah. But they kinda freak me out.
by rarara May 04, 2005
A guy who wears short shorts, singlet tops, black socks, vans. Has a passionate love for wearing snap backs and rosary beads. LOVES GIRLS WHO WEAR SNAP BACKS! Is often seen with one leg up on a chair/bench/anything they can find. Usually has there hands down their pants/around their crotch.
Is normally ridiculously good looking with sexy hair.

Is hated by dickies boys (faggots who wear the brand dickies or unit), only cos they shit all over them and get with the hottest chicks.

The first churchies originated from the church schools such as lochinvar (St Joey's) and St Peters. Thats why they usually wear a cross necklace (rosary beads)
Erin: That guy's so HOT !
Jessika: Yeah, that's cos he's a churchie ;)
Erin: Oh yummmm.
by erin jess October 07, 2011
Church = Donation = Coins.
Churchie = Person with lots of coins, not cash.
Kids in school yard sometimes call others who have heaps of coins, a "Churchie", and ask for some coins. (Like a donation)
Question: How much money have you got?
Reply: $15, but it's all in change.
Reply 2: Oh, you freekin' 'Churchie!'... Give me some!
by PauL M. (Vic, Australia) April 18, 2005
a member of the largest collection of wankerish, arrogant, wiggerish, and loserish assholes ever congregated in one place. uses phrases like "madd ass" and "homie" and "da". wanks off over copping it off six chicks and tells his friends that he actually did. Also exhibits bestial and homosexual tendencies - see also zoomer
Churchie 1: yo my churchie brova nigga madd ass homie. you wanna take that dog in da ass?
Churchie 2: fo' shizzle my nizzle
by tom December 04, 2004
The best school in the world. It could wallop any GPS school anyday, the Rugby Premiership was wrongly taken from them and tied with BSHS. Contrary to public belief, pupils do not engage in anal intercourse with canines. This is simply a rumour perpetrated by stateschoolers and others who are jealous of the fact that ACGS boys have enough money to go to an elitist school.
NB: Is formally known as The Anglican Church Grammar School (ACGS)
Churchie won the GPS Rugby premiership for the eight time in a row, defeating BBC 54 - nil.
by walker5990 September 09, 2005
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