aye reet fair enough aye am a "charver" n half the stuff ya sayin is spot on 4 a charver: drink drugs raves goin wild wey aye its all in a day work init aye but rite the thing is am canny cleva aswel n for al the fukin idiats on ere hu try sayin wav got 1 fukin braincell n wa cant read wey huw man waht the fuck have a just done am sik ov evry1 sayin wa gan rnd burstin every1 for nee reason if wa gana start wif a sum fukin hippy wav obv got a reason 4 it n wa hav mor rik wif each otha thn any otha cunts so yas divnt na th fukin half ov it n b4 ya start on aye wen am skint a dee drink white storm n al tht cheap shite bt if av got th lowie ad rava pay 4 sum fukin vodka mesel lke anyday so ya canit say wa fukin tramps & aye a dee dabble in drugs sooo fuk man its a frisk
reet just had 2 get tht off me chest am fukin sik ov all yee daft cunt fukin seriotypes hamarin us charver 2 bits its a fukin joke man sum cunt stik up 4 us lot 4 1ce coz th fukin laws alway on wa case
by wey wa canit say tht 1 April 07, 2007
Women who wear gold crouisants for earings, and far too much nasty gold jewelery, and style their fringes around coke cans. Men who perch their burberry caps far too high on their heads. Both sexes wear fake Rockport, Kappa, and Burberry clothing, and tuck their sporty trousers into their ankle boots. They constantly harrass anybody who is even remotly different, they drink special brew, and skank tabs off of people.
Charver = Gis a tab leek man!
Response = Fuck off and get a job so you can buy your own!
by Jennie November 15, 2003
In Polari (1950s gay slang) charver means shag.
I'm going to charver your brains out.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
''Charver'' Northern English expression for poor scruffy street kid, usually dressed in trackies with designer labels, drives hot hatchback cars, and is a general menace to society.

Southern english definition ''Chav''.

You charver,or you chav
by Speedball April 07, 2006
The example given in #31 should be enough proof as to the intellect of the typical chav. They can't spell, nor can they speak in a fashion that is understandable to anyone else but a charver. However, the male variety are proficient in getting stinkin' pissed every day of the week, and the female is likely to breed like rabbits before they reach the ripe old age of 16, and are typically on the public dole. They think they are tough, but they are instead ridiculous. The dregs of society. Monkeys that fling feces at a zoo are better mannered.
Charv: Lenz a tab, ay?
Human: What?
Charv: A fag, m8!
Human: I am not your mate, and I suspect you could afford your own cigarettes if you were intelligent enough to acquire even a part-time job. Sod off!
Charv: Fook off, cunt!
Charvers (also spelled charvas) are very stupid and self-centred people with their own accent and dialect. They are distinctivly annoying. They wear Berghauses (a brand of coat) and Rockports (shoes). They will stop at nothing to fight or insult anyone who they don't like (all non-charvs). They are like rabbits and multiply at the speed of light. They think they can get away with anything. Basically, only the tail of the sperm made it.

"Wey aye man!" - Well yes, person.

"Where y' gannin' like?" - Where are you going?

"Like hoo!" - Phrase usually placed at the end of every sentence for effect.
by Silly Bugger December 07, 2003
Lasses who walk around the 'toon' pushing their buggies and shoving a greggs pasty or sausage roll into their kids hands. They wear gold earings the size of bird swings and necklaces like skipping ropes.
by Anonymous November 02, 2003

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