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1. One of the 100 creative and snazzy ways to misorder a Chai Tea Latte.
2. Of or relating to the misordering of said beverage.
Tony - "Hey Tobi, what do you want to drink?"
Tobi - "I think... I'll havve....a...CHAI Lea Tatte- Oh! HAHAHAHA"
(everyone laughs while Tobi proceeds to spill half the drink in her lap)
by Toe-Knee July 06, 2004
Fukin gr8 ppl like,im a charver like n am not ashamed at all it mint!!!we do drink ii do we,we get off our faces,wer trakies wich rnt fake,jewelry which isnt fake,and we act like tht cos thts how we are,im 15 and im not pregnt evntho iv had to av to pregncy tests,lol,so fuk it jus shows tht sum lases can get lads!uz r idiots hu al mok us.i luv goin to raves,i luv the mc's n fink d d.js r wel gud they make all the music n lyrics the selves,propa ofit!we fight cos we rnt pussys,we only got the crew behind us for wen a bunch ov posh,freeks,gay,goth twats start then we av our sel a lil riot,its mental!i go to skool do good,my boyfriend is a charver init n he got great GCSE's A,B,5C'S!!!ya divys mokin us,few ov me m8s r builders so fuk,if ya cleva ya cleva.my clown neklace is lush,beta thn th plastic barbie pink shit uva lases wer init,get a life n dnt mok us.im a boxer nd ava life so u cnt say we gt nowt else beter to do th lads train n go to the gym!!!ya jus dnt no th crak dya actualy no ne charvers ya dik eds ya jus jelous lieeek.
AYCLIFFE charvers crew consists of...
bout 30lads,5lases!
we all wer trakies,jeans sumtyms,th lads wer caps a cani lot,specialy churchie(me lad)n ul b suprised to no iv not shaged any ov me lad m8s,not evn me boyf so ther ya go!!!i av blond hair,a fringe,bout12rings,11neklaces,4bangels,4pair ov air maxys,1pair ov rokis,bout10striped fred perry tops,bout17pairs of trakies and i go to skool regular,prt4rm today or if am xcluded.we nok bout awa th park,we gan ov to raves wen we got sm lar.we get stoned almost evryngt n drnk a cani lot on a weeknd n party,soooo fukin wat,we ava life,me mams a pur lil pikey raver n al,its mint.on new years eve me hous ws a pur ravers mansion evryone ws ov ther nuts like.me boyf is luvly,spits excesivly,always wers hi nike cap,far ov his hed wich is fit!!!gels his fringe,its mad!!me mates cors havik wn thy pissd bt thn av to pay th consequences wn thy wke up th nek day,wich isnt gud,but shit happens lol...im a typical pikey raver and if ya dnt like charvers fuk of lol ya sily cunts!!!!if ya dnt lyk th way we talk uno th way out,sooo ya narrr get lost!
by toe-knee January 13, 2005

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