A charver is basically a very anti-social teenager, although the disease can spread from early childhood and continue until the time of the charver's death (usually around 25, due to the unhealthy lifestyle of a charver.)
They are obnoxious and attack the smart, confident, or different children in their class/ street. They are known to be the arch- enemies of emos or 'moshers' as they are sometimes known in Sunderland, North East of England.
Shannon: Let's turn around, there's loads of charvers at the fish shop
Nicola: no, it'll be ok, lets just keep going.
*charver kicks football off Shannon's head and laughs*
by Nicola Williamson April 17, 2007
The example given in #31 should be enough proof as to the intellect of the typical chav. They can't spell, nor can they speak in a fashion that is understandable to anyone else but a charver. However, the male variety are proficient in getting stinkin' pissed every day of the week, and the female is likely to breed like rabbits before they reach the ripe old age of 16, and are typically on the public dole. They think they are tough, but they are instead ridiculous. The dregs of society. Monkeys that fling feces at a zoo are better mannered.
Charv: Lenz a tab, ay?
Human: What?
Charv: A fag, m8!
Human: I am not your mate, and I suspect you could afford your own cigarettes if you were intelligent enough to acquire even a part-time job. Sod off!
Charv: Fook off, cunt!
Oversized rats, that wear burbery / striped clothing, mixed with cheap sports gear, think they're hard, travel in packs...

Best way to get rid of them is use their stupidity to ur advantage. Tell them theres a a pair of rockports on their back... they'll continuously spin in circles until they eventually realise there are none
how like man like how f****n how... ya daft c*nt
by BL September 02, 2004
Thick, usually short lil shits that kick people in for no reason and live on council estates. Basically the scum of Britain
Twats, absolute cunt eating twats
The scum that you find in the North East of England. They usually insist on bullying, smoking, and hanging round street corners. This type of scum should be exterminated from the world with brutal force. e.g Dropping a bomb on them
'I cant be bothered with charvers anymore. All they do is make the world smell. Lets kill them !
by Jonny and Webby August 21, 2006
a bully from the north east usally seen wearing bergaus, fred perry, rockport etc. Most of them arent very nice however some are intelligent, and dont cause trouble (I know a nice one). Saying that they are all nasty is predujice.
that charver is my friend
by andrew jc November 28, 2005
People who
1)dislikes the idea of individuality,
2)shout 'Goth' at anyone wearing black
3)dislike being different
4)always wear burberry
5) have silly 'fashions'
They smoke, drink cider and go to shitty little clubs with a 15 person capacity when theres 50 of them.
They like to 'hang' in groups to give a brain cell total of 1.
Monday morning: 'Oh, im still pissed from goin owt las nite, like'
Tuesday: 'Yeah, like, i wen ta
Blues agen las' nite'
Wednesday: 'I've got a bangin edache from las' nite, like, eh'
Thursday: 'I'm fuckin knackerd ey, i shudnt ov bin owt las' nite agen'
Friday: ' i ad a wkd nite las' nite, wos in Blues AND Toppers! Then we wen ta't Waverly Like, Eh!? Wot ya deyaan t'mora like?'
by Zaphod Beedlebot April 21, 2004

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