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See this is a rather complex matter. There is to the extent of my knowledge there are three definitions for chaffe.

1. There is the literal term for chaffe which is a rash induced my skin rubbing skin generally in the area of the crotch and or buttocks.

2. There is also a definition used interjenctionally as an irritation. Ususally caused by a broke friend.

3. Also when the night is in full swing and you couldn't be happier...That state of euphoria can also be described the final definition of chaffe.
1. The Heart is willing But The Ass Is Chaffed.

2. Man I told you twice I am not going To spot you a twenty, my lord dude you chaffe my ass.

3. I've already recieved my tax return man I'm Chaffed.

by Johnny Fenton January 26, 2008

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