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The slang term for stealing something.
Allison, I heard you chaffed that beaver toy?
No Tasha, I was just borrowing it.
by clubpenguinfun June 03, 2016
Can use it for anything negative.
Dude, you were supposed to call me when you got to the party last night. You fuckin chaffed me.
by L0GAN4 October 03, 2006
what happens to your knees, elbows, and ass when you're having sex in a hotel bed for 24 hours and you don't have special sheets anymore because your amazing lover gave them to his daughter, laundered of course!!!!
i've been on my knees so much they're chaffed from these sheets!!!!! i really wish i had some nice, soft, 1,000 thread count ones.
by linda lovelace November 05, 2004
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