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The annoying character in every single zombie movie that chooses to hide his/her zombie bite from the group. This bite usually occurs during a tense combat situation or retreat from zombies while running to a sheltered environment. The bite festers and only turns the recipient of the bite at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT for the group. A "bite hider" will usually respond "oh, just a scratch" when asked by the other members if they're hurt.

Sometimes the bite hider has no idea they will turn into a zombie and some times they do. Both are annoying.
The pregnant woman in the Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake was a "bite hider" - she was aided by her boyfriend in the deception. Her bite festered and she turned - AND - in turn, turned her unborn child into a zombie.

In Resident Evil Extinction (2007), L.J. Wayne (Mike Epps) hides the bite he receives and then turns AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. Yep.
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by Necropology February 22, 2012
A person kept around during the zombie apocalypse by a group of survivors as the designated bait when running from zombies. Usually a slower, heavier or asthmatic person without stamina. The idea is that he/she will be the person at the back of the group and will be caught by the zombies thus allowing the rest of the group to escape.

It has its origins in WWII radar counter-measures - bogus targets dropped by aircraft to confound enemy surveillance.
"We keep Bill around as Chaff, we don't have to run fast, just faster than Bill....."

"Who's the Chaff in this group? Look around, if you can't pick him out, it's you!"
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by Necropology October 17, 2012
Your personal "zombie safety count" is based upon how many full force swings you can make with either a bat or a machete against an upright, free-standing wood log. You swing the bat/machete against the log until you tire: the number of full-force swings is your "Zombie Safety Count", roughly how large a group of zombies you can effectively handle before you're overwhelmed.

The notion being that if a zombie apocalypse breaks out and you're not armed with a firearm, you're going to be swinging for the fences .... at least for a little while.
I went outside today with my bat, hit the log and realized my zombie safety count is rather low: 3 swings and my hands hurt beyond belief and I couldn't lift the bat any more. I'm dead meat.
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by Necropology October 17, 2012
It's when someone follows to get a follow back, followed by an unfollow that leaves the followed unfollowed.

Similar to the American Football / Basketball move "juking" - when someone thinks you're going left or right and you move the other way, leaving the pursuer empty handed.
Mike follows Lisa, Lisa follows back - Shortly after, Mike quietly unfollows Lisa, leaving his follower count one higher and Lisa thinking she has a follower she doesn't.

"Dude, I was just twitter juking and I juked about 300 people... they followed back and I left them high and dry... "
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by Necropology March 02, 2012
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