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A chaff is the name given to a group (or person) of people who are moronic junkies who have dead end jobs and live in a rough estate.

Display a very limited vocabulary using words such as 'ravin' 'shafe geez' and 'give me your mobile or i'll f***king knife ya'
you f***king chaff, p**s off back to your council flat
by craig.B November 21, 2004
A person kept around during the zombie apocalypse by a group of survivors as the designated bait when running from zombies. Usually a slower, heavier or asthmatic person without stamina. The idea is that he/she will be the person at the back of the group and will be caught by the zombies thus allowing the rest of the group to escape.

It has its origins in WWII radar counter-measures - bogus targets dropped by aircraft to confound enemy surveillance.
"We keep Bill around as Chaff, we don't have to run fast, just faster than Bill....."

"Who's the Chaff in this group? Look around, if you can't pick him out, it's you!"
by Necropology October 17, 2012
A situation or person which conflicts with one's own situation or beliefs. Often used at prep schools in Northern New Hampshire.
Damn, that kid is such a chaff. I hate that tool.
This homework is such a chaff.
by CarpeTheDiem180 April 21, 2006
Something that is of low quality and trashy. The opposite of swanky. From the Bible reference "separating the wheat from the chaff"
This Cafeteria lunch is so chaff.

That was a chaff pool shot.
by Swagmaster3.14159 October 25, 2015
A radar countermeasure; a cloud of material which creates a cluster of false targets that swamps enemy radar, diverting attacks away from the primary target.
"So basically, Sarah Palin was deployed as chaff to draw fire away from McCain."
"Well, that figures--McCain is a military pilot after all."
by weskimcom September 09, 2008
Means 'to steal'.

Of late-80s/early-90s origin, initially in the Ipswich area.
'Did Chris pay for that skateboard?'
'No, he chaffed it?'
by Alec Grant January 09, 2008
Highly reflective debris launched from the back of aircraft to confuse radar guided missiles. Chaff is usually launched together with pairs of flares, which throw off infra-red guided missiles.
The F-15 pilot performed evasive turns and started dumping chaff & flares as soon as he heard the missile warning beep.
by Tronno November 09, 2004
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