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To rub and cause irritation or friction. Chafing is the anti-christ as far as my twigs and berries are concerned.
"No. Why?"
"CHAFING!!!! *Passes out*"
by Eric.. June 21, 2005
To have someone or yourself rub your penis to cause irritation and to cause skin to peel off and turn pink or bleed
I was so horny I jacked off 4 times and then my penis started chafing.
by garrett martindale August 05, 2006
Usually occurs when one goes commando with a pair of jeans.
After walking long distances, especially in warm enviroments, the penis will chafe on the denim.


To Chafe

After seeing a dirt valve one could call out to a friend to alert them of perving opportunities. Incinuating that the penis has twitched as it has been excited so quickly and unexpectedly.
Said with a high pitched voice in the right tone can lead to some comical behavour.
When repeated gives off a more important vibe. The more chafes often means the rating of the girl out of ten.
"What a brilliant idea it was to wear no undies. I need to sit down for a minute, im chafing all over the show"

"Check that dirt out! Chafe Chafe Chafe!!"

by Goulden March 20, 2007

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