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-Adjective (Chiefly Rio Grande Valley, TX)
1. Cheap, tawdry or of poor taste.
ORIGIN: Derived from Spanish 'chafa.'
Oh my God, that blouse is totally chaf.
by Cid Deuce March 07, 2003
Chilling Hard Ass Fuck: The act of doing absolutley nothing productive and enjoying time with others who have no intention of doing the oposite.
1. Just got out fo work and all I want to do is have an drink and CHAF.
2. My friend is leaving for college next week, we all need to CHAF and smoke a bowl one last time before then.
by mulatina July 30, 2012
adj. Chafest
1. Chill as fuck
2. Characterized by being extremely chill, or excessively chill.
Dude playing the guitar with all my friends in the middle of this japanese garden is totally chaf!!!
by jujobaco October 15, 2013
Chill as fuck may be used more than once in a sentence to add emphasis.
person 1: how was that chick u had over last night?
Person 2: Chaf as CHAF!!!
Person 1: shit that is CHAF
by i cant feel my legs!! October 15, 2011
The crumby non-nug weed. Usually looks like more then it really is. Easier to roll in blunts or joints because it is already broken up. Harder to smoke in bowls or bongs.
Does NOT mean that it is bad weed, it just looks like crumbs.
Smoker 1: Yo thats like an eighth, i thought you were only getting 2 grams.

Smoker 2: Na, its all chaf, no nugs.
by TheChronic1 October 03, 2009
Adj. Chill-as-fuck, a short word denoting an event that may seem relaxing, enjoyable and and quite honestly, chill as fuck.
Jonothan-Hey Bobo, what are you doing after water polo today?
Brian-Ah nothing, might just jack some thirty racks, sap in the park...

Mom-Hey Ryan, how was your day at school?
Ryan-Great, we had sex ed with Mrs. Brimstone.
Mom- Def not chaf son, not chaf at all
by RuskiDudskie June 16, 2011
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