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1. To hit on a girl
2. To eat food intensely
1. Yo im puttin the mack on her
2. Im bout to mack on this barbeque triple stack cause I got the muchies like a mother fucker
by TheChronic1 July 02, 2009
The place you go when you are high on weed
Welcome to The Zone
Population: You
Elevation: ????? ft
Founded: Now
by TheChronic1 June 22, 2009
To smoke weed
-Yo, lets t up that endo after school
by TheChronic1 June 09, 2009
Another word for women
From Tech N9ne's "Let Me In"

"Only reason I even go to the club is so I can listen to some loud music, drink, and holler at a Bianc"
by TheChronic1 November 04, 2009
The crumby non-nug weed. Usually looks like more then it really is. Easier to roll in blunts or joints because it is already broken up. Harder to smoke in bowls or bongs.
Does NOT mean that it is bad weed, it just looks like crumbs.
Smoker 1: Yo thats like an eighth, i thought you were only getting 2 grams.

Smoker 2: Na, its all chaf, no nugs.
by TheChronic1 October 03, 2009

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