<verb> To force sexual intercourse on an unconscious person without said person's consent. (A reference to an infamous scene involving Chloe Sevigny <Jennie> and Justin Pierce <Casper> from the 1995 motion picture "Kids".)
"Dude, you straight caspered her last night? That's pretty wrong..."
by Ricky Ross III April 21, 2008
When no one is in a car while it is driving, the result of Ghost Riding.
"Get out of the car and let Casper drive!"
by Alex Griffin April 27, 2007
An albino person or persons.
Back in my old home town we used to have a coule Caspers that would hang out with us.
by BrandonBrandon September 17, 2006
a femal that is jizzed on and is hit by ones truck.
what happend to your girlfriend? shes dead. i gave her a casper.
by ben brickwall June 15, 2009
1. the gay ghost
2. the fat boy
3. the slob
4. the wanna be thug
5. poser
6. the idiot
7. the gullible
8. pussy whipped bitch
9. whore
Harry William Poehlitz JR is such a fuckin CASPER.
by ShrekKoolaidMarshmallowCavalie August 15, 2011
Usually someone who has no backbone, no knowledge and is often too "rash" on punishments. This person usually smokes alott of weed and there for has a dull social life. And also, an all round ass. Usually spends all his time on IRC servers trying to be "cool" with his sexist and twatish remarks.
"dude, why is he being such a casper"
"he must like the cock"
by JordyDropL2k9 February 22, 2009
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