to disappear from a party or engagement (usually when wasted or sick of the immediate crowd). Similar to a godinka.
We were just about to order more shots when you casper'ed out last night!
by Anthony Frank April 21, 2006
Casper, is a Game Boy video game, created by Bonzai Entertainment and released by Natsume, that loosely follows the plot line of the 1995 film. The player controls Casper through multiple levels of four mini games while collecting ooze to run the Lazarus machine. It starts with the menu allowing you to choose your difficulty setting and then a cut scene shows Kat and Casper going in to Whipstaff Manor and then parting, (most likely to split up in order to find more ooze faster). After each level a short cut scene shows Casper going to a different part of the mansion.
Chris Bolton is compared to casper.
by Padrone February 11, 2009
Like a ghost, is not a real human.
Look at that casper, she's insincere and and has more plastic than a hasbro toy.
by HamboneWillis November 16, 2014
a person who hooks up with someone and then disappears.
Girl 1: What happened with the guy I saw you with last night?
Girl 2: I brought him home, had sex and like casper he was gone.
by anddog1 March 28, 2011
Reffering to someone who cannot get a tan, Naturally pale white, whiter than glue
savannah duffy is casper.
by dark chocolate bitch:) October 20, 2009
Skateboard trick invented by Rodney Mullen; when u do half a kickflip and catch the tail with your back foot and with your front foot catch the middle part of the board and balance as long as you can; a variant is the trucksatnd which explains itself; a trick to do while in casper is the casper flip in which you do a full flip and then land pack in casper.
"Dude! Man! Did you see that?! That casper was insane"
by UnDEADFiend April 01, 2009
a nickname for your dumbass friend that does not realize you are making fun of their whiteness. they cannot get tan and so instead uses makeup that makes their face orange. they are very airheaded, stupid, and cannot think for themselves.
"who is that dumb white hoe ?"
"ohh that slut ? that's casper"
by god is good November 29, 2012

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