aka cyber attention seeking poster. Someone who uses any online social networking site, forum, chat room or blog as a platform to bitch about what is wrong in their daily life. Many times a casper will use this method of hiding behind a keyboard to defame another person as they lack they stones to man up in person. Ignorance is the best defense as caspers thrive for people to show sympathy to validate their shortcomings.
J: "Did you see her FB status? Does she ever have anything positive to say?"

T: "Dude.. she's a casper. You need to nix that!"
by Sir Wabbit April 27, 2009
usually a young woman that loves the cock and is doomed to Sit upon satins Lap for all of Eternity, sometimes known as "satan's Helper"
Fred: man, she's a Casper
Gary: Really!?
Fred: Oh yes
Gary: Sweet! see you in a while
by Burdlight June 08, 2007
cool, chill, awesome, sick nasty
"What? you fucked her? Thats mad Casper"

"I am so casper i am the solution to global warming"

"damn son, he mad casper"
by Eddyson November 01, 2006
Usually known as someone who is ignored and lonely. You will most likely find this person crying alone in their room watching If I Stay. A Casper is used to not getting paid any attention to.
Dude who's Casper?
by Monkey c monkey doo January 11, 2016

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